Franci, our founder, has spent the last two decades trying and teaching nearly every kind of workout there is. She has tapped into this experiential knowledge base, and added her own Spider touch, to create the most effective and cohesive method, that will withstand the test of time, and rise above trends and fads. This is the method that will change the bodies and lives of anyone willing to take a chance on themselves.

The magic lies in Franci’s principle of “compound movements”, where the body is required to use multiple body parts and muscles, and engage several body systems both simultaneously and differently, while working with more than one apparatus, and fluctuating back and forth between aerobic and anaerobic energy zones, throughout different planes of motion. Other variables are used for a further challenge as well. This “rub your belly and pat your head” mentality has significant scientific merit, with a myriad of clinical studies lending credence to Franci’s method, and is the primary backbone of the phenomenon that is Spiderbands®.

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