The Basics

Spiderbands is a unique total-body cardio resistance workout that leverages gravity and your bodyweight along with conventional fitness modules, such as, boxing, kickboxing, rebounding, bootcamp, acro, and so much more!
You actually don’t need a beginner class! In fact, both the novice and advanced participant can succeed in the same class. Our instructors can easily offer both modifications and advanced versions of our moves to help each individual succeed, and they’re happy to! Think of it as personal attention in a group fitness setting – kind of cool!
Classes in both Spiderbands® and Spider FlyZone studios burn calories, increase resting metabolic rate, strengthen & tone muscles, and improve brain, lung, and heart function in a way that is non-existent outside the Spider universe.
Yes! We solemnly swear that we do not have any suspended wood floors, concrete landings, or any other potentially injurious training spaces. We know it’s the concrete jungle, but there are no asphalt landings in here. In fact, we have a customized padded flooring that is sturdy enough to offer support, but forgiving enough to prevent impact to your joints. Our Spider classes that utilize rebounders or Bosu domes offer added cushion as well. So you’re all set!
The use of boxing and grip gloves is entirely up to you, however they are recommended. We know you pack a mean punch. Our boxing gloves help cushion your knuckles and fists as you strike. Our grip gloves help you grip our Spider handles and bars without slipping. We have several options available for both rent and purchase at the studio.
Yes, you must be at least 14 years old to take class. Minors between the ages of 14 and 17 years old must have a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver. We want everyone to be able to activate their superpowers, but Spider rules say safety first!
Yes, yes and YES! We would be happy to host your event! Reach out to for more information. Let’s celebrate YOU!
Hey, no worries, things happen! If you need to cancel, please give the studio a call by 6PM the night before your class, and we will happily put the series back in your account for future use.

The Studio

Yes, for your convenience, digilock lockers are located in the studio to store all of your goods!
Yes, a full supply of luxurious amenities can be found on the lower level of the studio. Showers are stocked with high-end Philosophy products. Plush clean towels are always available as well.
Smartwater bottles are available for purchase at the front desk. A filtered water station is also located in the lower lobby if you prefer to refill your own personal water bottle.
Yes, our Spiderbands retail line can be found on the main level of the studio. We have a wide array of gear, perfect for those days when you forget your workout clothes, or when you arrive early to class with some extra time to shop!
Yes, the Spiderbands studio has a grab-and-go counter where you can fuel up before or after class on unique and delicious healthy food options. These insta-worthy foods, cultivated by Spiderbands founder Franci Cohen, offer the balanced nutrition and satisfaction that your body needs. Oh, and did we mention she is a nutritionist/dietician with her own cookbook coming out soon? Pretty cool!

The Class

The class schedule is devised to highlight the perks of each class, and to ensure that as busy New Yorkers, you can easily keep track of classes and plan your schedule accordingly. If you can label each day by class, it makes life a bit easier, don’t you think? You’re welcome in advance!
We recommend arriving at the studio 10-15 minutes early, so that you can sign into class, find a locker, and get set up at your Spiderbands or Spider FlyZone station! For first-time clients, we recommend arriving at the studio 15-20 minutes before your class, so that you have ample time to sign a waiver, and do a quick studio tour. Plus, arriving early will allow you to make new friends before class and chat with your instructor!
It’s New York, we are sure there are times you will be! If you are running late, just give the studio a call at 212-287-9029 to let us know! We will hold your reservation, and you will have ten minutes from the start of class to make it in. Unfortunately, after this ten minute period we cannot safely allow you into class. If it’s your first class, it’s important to not only be on time, but to be early. For your safety, we are unable to let you into class if it’s your first time and you are late.
We recommend wearing fitted clothing to make sure nothing gets in the way of the equipment. Moisture wicking fabrics are best for our high-intensity sweat sessions!
We recommend wearing supportive athletic sneakers for class. Cross trainers are ideal, as they offer support and stability, while still allowing for pivoting and turns as you move.
We have lockers available on the lower level for you to stash all of your personal belongings in.
You and your H2O, everything else must go! That’s why we installed all those lockers, especially for you! We would love to charge your phone behind the desk, but let’s get real….. you came to recharge yourself, so please do so. We ask that you focus on energizing yourself in class. Please leave your cell at the door.
No worries, do what you have to do! We have studio squad on standby to jump on your bands and hold your place while you’re gone. Think of them as seat-fillers at the Grammys, except they’re working much harder, and no one goes home with a statue.
They do! We like to think that it’s because they love us so much. However, the snack bar, retail area and luxurious aesthetics may be a huge part of it. Come hang with us, and you decide!
WATER! We’re sure you know how important drinking water is, but we are going to remind you anyway! Drink up! You lose a lot of water via both respiration and perspiration while working out. So post workout-H2O is the way to go! As for the perfect food for after class, Franci’s renowned Spiderbites are as close as you can get to the perfect refueling! Well, to be honest, all of Franci’s food carried in the studio is awesome for pre and post workout!
It’s totally up to you. The sooner you return, the quicker you will get over that initial hump and be on your way to becoming a Spider pro!
Most definitely not! While you have the familiarity of the Spider apparatus to work with each day, your workout will never ever be the same, even if you come seven days a week! There are several different class variations, each with its own unique way of integrating the various systems of your body as you workout. Spider is likely the only workout out there, where overuse injuries simply do not exist. Pretty cool, huh?
Yes, the studio staff always wants to hear what you have to say. Think of us as your best buddy; we’re always here with an open ear! Feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call at 212-287-9029.
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